Established in 1976, Capital Resin is a family-owned custom chemical producer with the R&D and technical integration that allows for collaboration with customers in developing high-quality chemicals. Some of the demanding industries we service are agriculture, packaging coatings (food, beverage, and industrial), automotive coatings, adhesives, advanced composites, personal care products, specialty papers and paper saturation, aerospace, defense, and electronics.

Capital Resin is an ISO 9001:2008 and a SOCMA ChemStewards certified Company. We have a 24/7 quality and production staff that highlights its dedication to quality and customer responsiveness. Please contact Capital Resin today if you would like to learn how a toll manufacturer concerned with your company's sustainability and intellectual property can assist in developing a solution to your specialty chemical needs.

Capital Resin Corporation is a customer service driven toll manufacturer of phenolic resins, amino resins, aromatic sulfonic acids, alkylated phenols, urethane pre-polymers, acrylic polymers, personal care products, formaldehyde (CAS 50-00-0), urea formaldehyde concentrate 85%, and acetoguanamine (CAS 542-02-9). To complement our toll manufacturing, Capital Resin is a trusted  contract research and process development partner who can collaborate with its customers from lab and pilot production to full-scale commercial production.


(614) 445-7177
324 Dering Avenue, Columbus, Ohio, 43207, United States
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